Dear Valued Reader,

Greetings from Global Express Delivery Pte Ltd, GED. Global Express Delivery is one of the leading courier service providers in Singapore. It is through our commitment and determination that we have achieved the trust from our clients. I would like to thank you for allowing us to introduce ourselves to you.

About Us

Courier provider at heart, Service provider in mind. Inaugurated in 2010 to quench the thirst of the demanding business needs in the courier service industry, GED was set out not only to be the leading local courier service provider but also to make the dispatch experience a GED Experience. In a short span to time, we have had the opportunity to serve some of the big and established organization. We are indeed privileged to be the logistic / courier vendor for some of the Global and Local brands. Rest assured that we will Receive Your Package With a Smile.

Our Environment

The environment we live in is delicate. We as individuals and representatives of GED have taken efforts to make sure that we protect and preserve the environment around us. We are marching in the direction to be a Go Green organization.

Our Value Proposition

As a young and vibrant organization, we serve our clients with dedication, passion and enthusiasm. We are here to simplify & enhance clients' logistic experience by capitalizing on convenience, customer service and expertise.